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We make websites

which if you want to keep it yourself, add new pages, pictures, video clips. Websites are completely customizable to all sizes of cell phones and tablets.

Web Design

is one of the most important aspects of creating a new website. Sam Web Design is well planned ahead to comply with the content. Making a website is done a little and carefully.

SEO Optimization

is done in detail to make every aspect of the site customized to the search engines. SEO allows you to gain free natural flow of visitors to your site.

Creating a Web Page

We make Web Pages fully compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and all screen sizes. Optionally, you have the ability to place content yourself through a simple and powerfull CMS system.

We also offer affordable Websites for Small Businesses with included email addresses and hosting.

Domain Registration ( * .com, * .net, * .org, * .eu, etc.) – If you choose our hosting we will do the domain registration for you.

besplatna web stranica

Why choose our services?

Because we provide the best quality and fast service!

SSL Certificate

we give you a completely free SSL Certificate with integration included!


We carefully select keywords for you to better match your website to all search engines


Your web site is located on SSD Disks, Google likes speed! Great factor for better ranking on search engines!

Mobile Friendly

all websites are mobile friendly! This is probably the current most important factor for a better ranking in 2018g.


Your website will have an active Google Map so that you can find it easier for you.

Fast Support

At any day or night you can send us an email, we are at your disposal.


besplatna ssl integracija kod izrade web stranica

When creating a website, we offer free SSL protocol integration so that your websites can be safe and better ranked at providers such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. .

After integrating the SSL protocol, your website will receive a green label in your browsers as your site is safe and reliable.

The https: // tag is “must have” in 2018g. Soon all sites that do not have SSL protocol Chrome and Firefox will automatically mark them as insecure sites. Additionally, Google will rank such websites worse.

NetMajstor is probably the only one on the Croatian market that offers completely Free SSL

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